Online Ordering

Restaurant POS Online Ordering

Online Ordering adds a completely new profit center to any restaurant.

Take advantage of the current ordering wave and associated profits! Restaurant Manager’s fully-integrated Online Ordering module can increase revenue without increasing staff. With Restaurant Manager’s Online Ordering for restaurants you can:

Allow customers to place advance orders 24/7 without paying an order taker effectively giving you a 24/7 operation. When offered the convenience of Online Ordering many customers will place orders more frequently generating more revenue!
Eliminate ordering errors due to miss-communication reducing both waste and costs.
Implement suggestive selling to promote high margin items resulting in higher check averages and increased profits. Online orders can be 15% - 20% higher than typical phone in orders!
Easily maintain menus and track results through one interface. There’s no new software to learn and you’ll have ONE point of contact for both your POS and Online Ordering.
Increase revenue without an increase in staff freeing up resources that typically need to take phone calls and manually enter orders to tend to other matters.
Our email marketing services allow you to promote your establishment’s Online Ordering capabilities through HTML emails to existing and potential customers.

Features of an Online Ordering Solution
That’s Fully Integrated to Your POS

The Value of Integration

  • Complete management of both your restaurant’s dine-in menu and online ordering menu from one back office. One of the key aspects of a fully integrated system. There’s no new software to learn, you manage everything from one place and you have ONE point of contact for both your POS and Online Ordering needs.
  • Fully integrated reporting from one back office. Another key aspect to a fully integrated system. All of your reporting is neatly tied together and linked to the revenue centers you created for your establishment.
  • Centralized menu management for multiple locations.


  • Allows customers the convenience of ordering on their mobile device from any location.
  • Compatible with all tablets and smart phones (android, iPhone, etc.).
  • No special app download required, site will display on all mobile devices.

Your Menu

  • Menu set-up and system configuration. We’ll handle all the dirty work of getting you Online Ordering site populated and ready to go.
  • Post descriptions and pictures of menu items. Providing enticing pictures and descriptions are proven ways of boosting your average check.
  • Fully configurable modifiers. Customize menus and modifiers for your Online Ordering to help up sell (for examples add combos!).
  • Unlimited menu and menu items. Have as big (or small) of an online menu as you want.

Customer Ordering

  • Receive orders via POS, kitchen printer, fax and email. Ensures you always get the order! Fax and and email can serve as a great back-up should your site unexpectedly go off line.
  • Accept customer payment via credit card or Paypal, or require in-store payment.
  • Coupon, special and discount capabilities. Drive more business online saving labor costs by offering specials or incentives to customers that order online. Easily create and manage the promotions from your Back Office.
  • Advanced ordering capability so customers can set order to be completed at a future day or time. Keep your “virtual” store open 24x7 by allowing customers to order for the next day, week or month.
  • Restrict delivery area based on zip code eliminating deliveries outside your core area or market.
  • Orders tagged for home delivery include driving directions, requested delivery times or special instructions. Make your order fulfillment and delivery process more efficient!

Customer Convenience

  • Customers can place their orders from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Restaurant Manager's Online Ordering provides both a website and mobile site.
  • Customer accounts can accommodate multiple delivery addresses. Allow customers to easily order no matter where they are – at home or the office.
  • Customers can view past order for easy reordering. The ultimate convenience for customers that have found their “favorite” dish!

Marketing Your Online Ordering Service

  • Integrated HTML email marketing for custom, branded emails…do it yourself or have our experts manage it for you!
  • Library of professionally designed HTML templates to choose from.  Promote Online Ordering to you customers before the big game, holiday or just for the heck of it (like for a summer picnic).
  • Easy export customer data for use with direct mail campaigns.  Want to compliment your online marketing efforts?  Send out direct mail pieces as well.  Oh, and we can also help you with direct mail if you like.
  • You maintain control of customer’s information; we never share or sell it.  The information is yours, yours yours.

Your Restaurant Manager Online Ordering Website

  • Seamlessly integrated and branded to your current website’s appearance.  We’ll give your online ordering site the same branded look as your main website by custom matching color schemes.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Available as both a traditional and mobile site.