Mobile POS Solutions

ON-POS offers nine compelling mobile POS Solutions:

4 for use by servers & other restaurant staff

RM Handheld

Tableside order-taking and payment processing on the iPod touch and iPad mini with a UI designed specifically for smaller screens. Based on abbreviations similar to those used in text messaging, this intuitive approach makes it easier for servers to maintain eye contact with customers instead of hunting and pecking through multiple screens of touch button icons.

RM Tablet

RM Tablet provides the standard POS touch buttons in an app that can be loaded on any Apple device. RM Tablet can be used on devices that are mounted in stands as traditional “fixed-station” POS or on handheld devices for line busting-busting and tableside order-taking.

Restaurant Manager on Tablets Android, IOS, Windows

Operate the entire Restaurant Manager POS System on a variety of mobile devices including tablet PCs from Pioneer POS.

Integrated Pay-At-The-Table

Process payments right at tableside when you outfit a handheld or tablet computer with a magnetic stripe reader. COMING SOON: Accept mobile payments via PayPal

1 for use by managers and hostesses

RM Monitor

Get real-time alerts and sales reports delivered to your smart phone.

4 for use by customers

RM Kiosk iPad POS

After entering a restaurant, customers may browse colorful photos labeled with mouth-watering descriptions and submit their own orders from an iPad or iPad mini

Mobile Online Ordering

Customers use their smart phone to browse your menu and purchase items for pick-up or delivery.

Customer Paging via cell phone

Send an automatic text message to customers’ cell phones when their table is ready.

Customer Loyalty via Smart Phone

Restaurant customers may view points and apply coupons right from their smart phone!